Why Use Global Business Connect Instead Of Going Directly To The Franchisors?

By working with us, you will save time, money and potential frustration! Our service is free. The purchase price of your business or franchise fees are the same if you choose to use our service or go direct. We provide all the information a potential business owner needs to find the opportunity that fits their goals. As well, we are already aware of the more robust, secure, and profitable opportunities in business today – an undertaking that can take months for someone outside the industry.

How Much Does It Cost To Use The Services Of Global Business Connect?

The aspiring franchisee doesn’t pay for the services that Global Business Connect provides. You will pay the published price for any franchise just as if you had gone directly to the franchisor. The franchisor absorbs our marketing costs. The franchisors respect the processes we follow and recognize the quality and fit of clients we refer to them after our consultations are complete. Global Business Connect is uniquely able to provide a win-win scenario for the investor and the franchisor.

Why Use Global Business Connect Instead Of Going Directly To The Franchisors?

Our goal is to find an opportunity that will meet your specific needs. To be effective, we first need to learn what those needs are by asking you a series of detailed questions. Below are some examples of questions that you will be asked:

• What are your reasons for wanting a business of your own?
• Have you ever owned a business of your own?
• What hours do you like to work?
 Where do you want your business to be located?
• How do you feel about managing people?
• How much capital do you have to start a business with?
• Will you have partners?
• Do you want to build multiple units?
• How soon do you want your business to open?
• Will you be involved on a full-time or part-time basis?

These are just a few of the many issues we will discuss with you over the course of our consultative process. With this information we can create a personalized profile in order to match you with a few opportunities that consistent with your goals.

Sifting through over 5,000 franchise opportunities can be a long, confusing and overwhelming process. Many people spend months sorting through companies without ever finding an opportunity that has what they really want in a business. We can help!

We’ve done a lot of the homework for you. We have pre-screened hundreds of companies from all areas of business. They must meet the exacting standards we have set to be included in our inventory. We do all of this so we can offer the franchise opportunity that will be the “perfect fit” for you.

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