Global Business Connect-Michel Kahn

Michel Khan Consultants

not only assists businesses that want to develop a network but also those with an existing network that want to restructure and optimize their management and development.

For more than 35 years, Michel Kahn Consultants has been key in all stages and phases of business network development – independently organized or associated (franchise, partnership, trademark license, commission affiliation, cooperative, etc.).

This support covers 3 phases:

   1) Formulation of strategy and action plan

   2) Creation of legal, marketing and managerial support tools

   3) Handling of the development and activation of the network

We propose a complete diagnostic of your network organization:

   • Assessment of the offer

   • Intellectual protection

   • Analysis of existing tools (legal, marketing, operational, etc.)

   • Strategic evaluation of development methods

   • Evaluation of economic and financial elements

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