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Phase 1: Initial Consultation (Understanding Who You Are)

• Personal Assessment: Review of core values, fiscal fitness, skill sets, passion & interests, lifestyle,                                career expectations.

• Questions you will reflect upon and answer:
   – What are your income needs and goals?
   – Do you want customers to come to you or do you want to go to the customers?
   – Are you most comfortable working with other business  owners or directly with the consumer?
   – What are your family and home needs that may limit your time in your new business?
   – Based on your past work experience, what have you enjoyed the most and the least?
   – Will you need funding to get your business?
   – How many days do you want your business to be “open”?
   – What businesses have you looked at and why?

• Introduction to the Global Business Connect process. 

Phase 2: Selection/Presentation (The Match)

• Harmonization of your needs assessment with franchise business models that align with your financial and               lifestyle goals.

• Selection and presentation to you of several franchise concepts of the hundreds we represent for you review.

Phase 3: Franchise Company Analysis (You Assess)

• Information provided on each franchisor discussed.
            – Company website, E-Brochures 
            – Industry information
            – Understanding of the role of the owner 

• Interview Questionnaire for discussions with the franchise company
• Introductions with selected franchisors
• Learn about franchise business process, core values, ongoing training and support, and track record of success

Phase 4: Validate (Your Due Diligence)

• Validate with selected company franchisees using the Franchisee questionnaire we provide you in order to                 envision franchise ownershipe and verify what you have heard from corporate
• Take an in-depth look at the franchisor experience, financial disclosures and legal documents
• Authenticate franchise concepts with industry experts such as your attorney, CPA, financial advisor and lender
• Global Business Connect will be there every step of the way for continued guidance and support  

Phase 5: Invitation/Discovery (Final Interview)

• After multiple discussions with the Franchisor, franchisee validation and your due diligence, if the Franchisor feels     you are a good “fit”, they will invite you to their Discovery Day.
• Good companies will “interview” you just as you are interviewing them.
• After Discovery Day, you should have all the facts needed to make a knowledgeable and capable decision!  

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